Victory School of Supernatural Ministry Second Year Information and Application Process
What You'll Need:
  • Upload individual photo
  • VSSM Revival Group Leader reference (You are responsible to ask them to submit this as part of your application process). ou will need their contact information to fill out the application (email and phone number). They will receive an email with a link for them to use to fill out the reference.
  • Early Application Fee: $39 (March 27th – August 15th) *Non-refundable
  • Late Application Fee: $75 (August 16th - September 21st @ Midnight) *Non-refundable
  • Late Enrollment accepted until September 21st at Midnight.

How to Apply:
  • Log in using your current VCC account/ if you do not have an existing account please click the register button and create a new account.
  • Fill out the application below, attach your photo, and pay the application fee at the end of the form.
  • After submitting the application, please check with your Revival Group Leader to be sure they got the link to fill out the reference form. This process can take some time, so we recommend that you confirm that s/he submitted it.