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What is Connect Entrepreneurs?

When a business is lead with biblical principles, the outcome is always amazing. From using your platform, to making the marketplace your mission field, to doing your job/craft with integrity to best serve others.

Connect Entrepreneurs was created as a vehicle through which VCC entrepreneurs and business owners can support each other in the most important areas of their lives: business, personal-growth and balancing family and career. This is a place to develop community, connect, and collaborate.


SarahSarah Hardin

Connect Entrepreneurs Ministry Leader

As the leader of Connect Entrepreneurs Ministry (SEE), I’m here to help you grow  and get connected to the SEE community. There is such a need in today's work for small business and local economy; I believe we can also grow the Kingdom of God while growing our professional endeavors.

Growing up I've always had creative ideas which sparked an entrepreneur mindset within me at a young age. From bracelet making, mosaic tables, and face painting - to now running a photography business, graphic design freelancing, and original fine artwork.

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